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My parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles have all given their energy, their lives and careers, to the world of medicine.  Indeed, as a child, I remember spending my summers in my grandparents’ pharmacy, ever curious about all the myriad collections of differently colored and shaped pills and liquids; what were they for and what did they do?  One particular summer, one of my grandfather’s regular clients began coming in more and more frequently, buying medicine for her husband who was in renal failure.  Then one day, she stopped coming.  Her husband had died, and I felt confused, upset, and left wondering how it could have happened if she’d been purchasing the medicine.  I had learned empathy for a patient. 


Histories, anecdotes and medical experiences were imparted to me throughout my childhood from my family.  I feel that I have had their fingerprint placed in me, and my need for more medical knowledge stems from this mark.  As I grew, so did my curiosity for science, for how the human body functions and how to restore it to health.  My path was set, inherently.  I was to become a physician.


Graduating Magna Cum Laude is an excellent litmus test for my dedication to my academic work, as well as indicating my enthusiasm for the work I intend to do in Internal Medicine.  Indeed, it was this devotion to my work and clinical management skills that I channeled into my medical campaign work for those lacking adequate medical care in the [Caribbean country].  Nothing so far has taught me greater lessons in team work, sacrifices and hard work, nor given me more personal satisfaction than during my volunteer work.


It was during my four month Surgical and Psychiatric Observership rotation at ***** Memorial Hospital in [city in Southeast US] that I determined to apply for an Internal Medicine residency in the United States.  The pride I felt seeing daily improvements in my patients, managing multiple physiological and psychological challenges have only cemented my intention to follow the path of Internal Medicine.  It is my intent to be a part of the finest medical training I can, where there are many opportunities to develop as both a clinician and a scientist, to build upon my experiences through access to a diverse patient population and innovative treatments.  I have seen the residency of my dreams, and it lies in the United States


I come from a developing nation, where we are constrained economically, and have to make medical decisions – frustratingly – based upon these constraints.  While this has only sharpened my resourcefulness and ability to work under pressure, particularly emergency situations, in which one must find that intangible balance between clinical and field knowledge, where I choose to educate myself will not have the financial obstacles I’ve encountered in the [Caribbean country].  There will not be such impediments to my education.  Medicine is a profession of life-long learning, and research is the key, finding solutions to health problems and setting standards of care and disease prevention for our patient population are paramount.

The interaction I have with my patients, the doctor-patient relationship, from admittance to discharge is of the utmost importance to me, to see the patient through from diagnosis to the resolution of the problem.  When I see the faces of my patients filled with trust, I feel all my work has been worthwhile, that why I became a doctor has been realized.  My commitment to improving the lives of the underprivileged is unquestionable, and the work I have done for them has strengthened my collaboration and communication skills with others in a team situation.  Through my education and my career, I have put into practice, as an active physician, all that I have spent years achieving.  This is what I will bring to my Internal Medicine residency, and more.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

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