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Growing up in [the Caribbean], I remember my beloved **** struggling for breath, being rushed to the hospital’s emergency room.  Then nothing.  We waited for help to come, precious moments dragging inexorably by.  Finally, doctors worked on him, quickly ascertaining that fluid had entered his lungs.  Sadly, he was not attended to in time, suffered respiratory failure, and died.  I was quite young then, but will never forget.  As I got older, I began seeing other evidence of social failures in [Caribbean country]: a deficit of physicians and nurses; a country led by a government that emphasizes providing healthcare to countries enamored with [Caribbean country]’s [political] ideals; and a medical school system that graduates under-qualified medical students, from facilities that are bereft of the latest medical technologies.


Coming to America, I felt that becoming a doctor was my destiny, to save lives, helping the poor, sick and needy at all costs, especially those who could not afford medical care or lacked insurance.  I used to think that this is truly where my future lay, but fate’s hand deemed otherwise.  Indeed, becoming a lawyer specializing in healthcare law is not only a logical path given my skills, experiences and education, but a natural course.  When my parents and I emigrated to America, fleeing [Caribbean country], and seeking a better life in a country that was truly free, my parents worked extremely hard, enduring countless obstacles to provide me with every opportunity.  Disaster struck when just ** years into our living here, my ***** contracted Crohn’s Disease, an intensely painful and dangerous disease with no cure, only management and hope.  Still he persevered, working to support his **** children and wife, my mother, who also worked three jobs at the time.  Tragically, there was frequently not enough money to pay for my ****’s medicines needed for his treatment, a “cocktail” of some ten medications that were taken to avoid all-too-real complications.


Moreover, my parents were aware of the difficulties facing many immigrant populations concerning getting adequate healthcare services and sought certification from the ****** to begin their own home healthcare company.  For two years, they poured every spare dollar into the endeavor, only to face a paperwork problem, and a denial of their accreditation.  Rather than give up, we sought the advice of a healthcare attorney who was instrumental in speeding up the accreditation process.  Call it destiny, fate, or excellent casework, they are now certified.


The field of Law is amazing to me, how with proper knowledge of penal codes and ethics, one can negotiate the legal system to accommodate people’s individual needs.  The chance to make a difference in people’s lives, in entire communities is exciting to me.  This is how I can make a difference.  I want to practice law not for pre-conceived notions of prestige, or status, but to ensure social justice is enforced, maintained or corrections made that influence the outcome for people in need of legal assistance.  Furthermore, I envision, post-graduation, serving the community in a group or my own thriving healthcare law practice, using the firm as a jumping off point for expanding my philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavors.


I bring with me to ***** School of Law and student body a solid foundation in a research-based science, one that focused on biology, particularly spinal cord injury research.  The skills I have solidified through my undergraduate work will aid me invaluably in my pursuit of a Law degree.  Two years, countless hours of research, painstaking attention to detail in the lab, and the maturity to work either autonomously or as an integral component in a multidisciplinary team of researchers with equal success.  Moreover, writing up research reports required absolute accuracy, clarity and adherence to practices, a discipline that will translate effectively to my work in Law.


Any attorney must be willing and hold a heartfelt desire to give back to their community.  Solid evidence of my commitment to this ideal can be found in my having already spent over *** community service hours within **** Medical Center, serving the needs of the Public Relations Department.  In the most practical terms, my heritage and ability to speak Spanish and English fluently, as well as being fluent in the Hispanic experience in America will enable me to serve Spanish-speaking clients admirably.


No longer will I wonder why nothing is done and why there is no one to help those that are truly in need.  I am that someone and my day has come.  I will never let my grandfather’s death, nor my own parents’ sacrifices and literal suffering for me to have been in vain, becoming the finest lawyer specializing in healthcare law I can possibly become.  All that I wish, and all that I dream is to use every word I speak in support of my clients will be my beginning and my end.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.


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