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I have reached a point in my Nursing career where I cannot move forward without truly advancing, responding to what in my heart tells me. Not one day goes by when I do not consider all that I could achieve by furthering myself in the only profession that has ever made sense to me. The urgency I feel, almost a frustration, to learn all that I can, and to embrace the next challenge are what drive me. Earning my CRNA, then, is deeply more than a logical step for my career path. Instead, from all that I have experienced and know of myself, it is imperative.


To date, and in direct preparation for the challenge and opportunity of the CRNA program, I have worked in the ER, MICU and SICU. All told, the exposure has included conscious sedation as well as rapid sequence intubations. But much more than even this, after working with an anesthesiologist as well as a maxillofacial surgeon, an experience I used to absorb all I could about anesthesiology and to test my certainty as to my career choice, I knew without any doubt that my passion for anesthesia was all too real.


As my references will attest, I have a willingness to learn and a distinct openness to new ideas, procedures and reasoning. What many find to be on the job stress, I find exhilarating and I continually prove that I can adapt quickly to differing set-ups, and maintain clear thought even in the midst of trying situations. It is little wonder that even given the tests life has presented me with, I have overcome them, consistently focused on my career – my passion.


In terms of my goals, earning my CRNA will enable me to serve my patients completely, to earn their confidence and assurance that they are receiving the finest care possible. My only ambition is to become the most successful nurse anesthetist I possibly can in South ******, building a foundation from which I can eventually earn my DNP in the field, ideally within ten years.


I bring with me to the graduate program a solid foundation in nursing, half a decade of continuity in the ER, ICU, OR, MED/SURG as well as PICU and Pediatric MED/SURG. To date not only am I CCRN certified, but have also worked as an EMT in the ER for over three years. Sometimes, the truest test though of a person’s heart can be found only in where we have given freely of ourselves, our time and our energy. To this end, I have continually volunteered whenever I can in soup kitchens as well as for holiday toy drives. This connection with the community I find not simply heartwarming, but essential, and I want to increase my contribution to my community. As a CRNA, I will have a respected platform and ability to give that much more.


Beyond the academic and the professional experiences, I bring my cultural competence. As a Hispanic, not only do I speak, read and write two languages fluently, but I am well versed in the Hispanic-American experience. I know all too well the frustration, and at times even the danger of not being understood completely, not being able to convey with precision what we are experiencing. And on the other hand, I know what it feels like to acculturate, to wrestle with identity and acceptance. I know that my own experiences are strengths and tools in my daily work, in a country where the number of Hispanics is only growing; their needs are real and need to be met at all costs.


I have made every provision in my life to assure my success in the graduate program, enjoy a rich and stable home life, as well as the support and love of friends, family and colleagues on the next step in my journey. The excitement that fills me, the prospect of completing my CRNA is the world to me. I am eager to begin, to contribute and go on to make a lasting difference in my community and the only profession that has ever brought me the greatest, all-encompassing fulfillment.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

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